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Tweets From 50th Anniversary Replaying Of 1963 Army-Navy Game

PHILADELPHIA – Here are all of the tweets from when the Army-Navy Game Social Media team tweeted the historic Dec. 7, 1963 game in real time on Saturday, the 50th anniversary, including various video clips and photos.

Welcome, thanks for joining us as we take you through the 1963 Army-Navy Game in Philadelphia. #ArmyNavy

An historic game at an incredible time was played at Municipal Stadium on this day 50 years ago. #ArmyNavy

We have audio, videos, photos and more to tell the story of America’s Game in real time. #ArmyNavy

We used archives at both academies and footage from @CBSSportsNet documentary Marching on: 1963 Army-Navy Remembered. #ArmyNavy

Our story begins with a 43-year old president, the youngest ever to take office. #ArmyNavy

The Commander-In-Chief was a U.S. Navy Veteran and football enthusiast. #ArmyNavy

JFK attended the 1961 Army-Navy Game, months after his inauguration. #ArmyNavy

A trip to Dallas, Texas, on Nov. 22, 1963, followed. #ArmyNavy

A clip of JFK’s motorcade in Dealey Plaza is here. #ArmyNavy

Confusion and chaos reined as tragedy suddenly struck. #ArmyNavy

A nation, including the college football community, mourned the loss of its leader. #ArmyNavy

Lee Harvey Oswald is identified as the primary suspect and taken into custody.

The next day, Jack Ruby shoots Oswald, adding to this incredible story.

Army’s Pete Dawkins explains the feeling of the nation in this clip. #ArmyNavy

With the nation in shock, the U.S. Government announced a one-month mourning period and postponed the Army-Navy Game. #ArmyNavy

Questions about the Army-Navy Game being played arose. #ArmyNavy

President Kennedy was laid to rest on Nov. 25 in Arlington, Va. #ArmyNavy

Mrs. Kennedy and family knew how much the game meant and wanted it to be played. #ArmyNavy

The game was rescheduled for Dec. 7, Pearl Harbor Day. #ArmyNavy

Said Navy coach Wayne Hardin “We told the players we want to play a game fit for the President. We had to celebrate his life.” #ArmyNavy

With fewer teams competing professionally and no college football playoffs, the Army-Navy Game was always the last game of the season. #ArmyNavy

Army Heisman Trophy winner Pete Dawkins explained in the @CBSSportsNet Documentary Marching On: Army-Navy 1963 Remembered. #ArmyNavy

Dawkins said “At that moment in time the country felt adrift.” (cont.) #ArmyNavy

“What we were all searching for was some reassurance that the country would be OK.” (cont.) #ArmyNavy

Dawkins continues: “The Army-Navy Game was part of the landscape of our lives. Not only was it going on, we were going on. “ #ArmyNavy

JFK historian Richard Reeves recalled that “college football was more popular than professional football in the ‘60s.“ #ArmyNavy

Bill Belichick is now the New England Patriots coach. #ArmyNavy

Belichick is the son of a former Navy assistant. He reflected on the Army-Navy Game. #ArmyNavy

Dawkins called the game Good vs. Good. #ArmyNavy

And it was going on in honor of JFK. Author John Feinstein explains in this clip. #ArmyNavy

That brings us to today, Dec. 7, 1963. #ArmyNavy

We are three hours from kickoff and the press box at Municipal Stadium is beginning to fill up. #ArmyNavy

We anticipate a crowd of over 100,000 people for today’s game. #ArmyNavy

The customary March-Ons from both academies are now complete. #ArmyNavy

Behind Roger Staubach, Navy rolled to victory in 1962 as you can see in this clip. #ArmyNavy

Looking to snap a losing streak, QB Rollie Stichweh later talked about the pressure Army faced. #ArmyNavy

Army coach Paul Dietzel later expressed the confidence he felt heading into the game. #ArmyNavy

Staubach is having a great season. Watch here as teammate Tom Lynch later discussed his quarterback. #ArmyNavy

Just this week, Staubach won Heisman Trophy as college football’s most outstanding player. #ArmyNavy

And is scheduled to be featured on the cover of Time Magazine next week. #ArmyNavy

Navy enters the game with an 8-1 mark and ranks second nationally behind Staubach and head coach Wayne Hardin. #ArmyNavy

Army, meanwhile, is 8-1. The team’s media guide cover is here. #ArmyNavy

CBS is broadcasting the game live and for the first time plans to use instant replay. You can read about it here. #ArmyNavy

The weather is clear, with a slight breeze. #ArmyNavy

Cadet First Captain Richard Chilcoat announced that the cadets and midshipmen dedicate the game to JFK. #ArmyNavy

Midshipmen First Captain Walker Kesler has requested a moment of silence. #ArmyNavy

To honor the president, JFK is stenciled in the end zone. #ArmyNavy

Navy is wearing all gold uniforms, with “Drive For Five” on the backs. #ArmyNavy

Army is clad in its black jerseys. #ArmyNavy

The cover of today’s game program. #ArmyNavy

The captains are on the field. Navy has won the coin toss and elects to receive. Army will defend the south goal. #ArmyNavy

Navy is forced to punt after three plays. Army takes over at its own 35. #ArmyNavy

On Army’s second play from scrimmage, Stichweh goes right for 23 yards. First down Army. #ArmyNavy

On third down, Stichweh scores. Army leads after a 10-yard keeper. #ArmyNavy

With 6:51 left in the first quarter, Army leads 7-0 after Richard Heydt’s PAT. #ArmyNavy

Charles Stowers picks off Staubach. Army ball at the Navy 40. #ArmyNavy

After four plays, Army fumbles and Markoff recovers. Navy ball. #ArmyNavy

That’s the end of the first quarter. Army leads Navy 7-0. #ArmyNavy

Army’s defense tightens up and stops Staubach on fourth-and-goal from the three. #ArmyNavy

Army puts together a nine-play drive but has to punt. #ArmyNavy

The Midshipmen now have their offense moving. #ArmyNavy

Navy is on the scoreboard as Donnelly scores from four yards out. #ArmyNavy

Marlin’s conversion kick ties the game at 7 with 5:27 left in the first half. #ArmyNavy

Army forced to punt after a three-and-out. #ArmyNavy

Peter Braun recovers a Navy fumble. Army ball at the Navy 26. #ArmyNavy

Army with one final opportunity as time winds down in the first half. Will attempt a field goal. #ArmyNavy

Heydt’s field goal from 36 yards is off the mark. #ArmyNavy

At halftime, with the temperature in the low 50s, Army and Navy are tied at 7. #ArmyNavy

Navy is penalized 15 yards for delay of game and will kick off from the 25 to open the second half. #ArmyNavy

Army is unable to get a first down and punts. #ArmyNavy

Staubach hits Henderson for an 11-yard gain, first down Navy. #ArmyNavy

It’s Staubach again, this time to Orr for a first down into Army territory. #ArmyNavy

Donnelly runs for 16 yards, moving the ball to the Army 29 yard line. #ArmyNavy

Staubach tries for the end zone but is stopped short. Ball at the 1. #ArmyNavy

It’s Donnelly again, scoring from a yard-out. #ArmyNavy

After Marlin’s PAT, Navy leads Army 14-7 with 7:14 left in third quarter. #ArmyNavy

Two incomplete passes force an Army punt. #ArmyNavy

John Seymour halts Navy’s possession with an interception at the Army 34. #ArmyNavy

Third quarter is complete. Navy leads Army 14-7. #ArmyNavy

Navy’s defense stops Waldrop for a loss on one. Army turns ball over on downs at the 9. #ArmyNavy

Deep in Army territory, Donnelly runs for 13 yards. #ArmyNavy

Donnelly picks for four yards. Army whistled for a personal foul. #ArmyNavy

Army again penalized with a personal foul. Ball at the Army 28. #ArmyNavy

It’s Donnelly again. Scores on a 20-yard run after shaking off an Army tackle. #ArmyNavy

Marlin’s third conversion gives Navy a 21-7 lead with 10:35 left to play. #ArmyNavy

Waldrop returns the ensuing kickoff 36 yards. Ball at the Army 48. #ArmyNavy

Waldrop picks up a first down for Army with a 12-yard run. #ArmyNavy

Stichweh runs for 12 yards, ball at the Navy 21. #ArmyNavy

Stichweh caps the nine-play drive with a one-yard scoring run on second and goal. #ArmyNavy

CBS just debuted its instant replay, showing viewers that Stichweh indeed had scored. An historic first in TV. #ArmyNavy

Stichweh calls his own number for the two-point conversion to trim Navy’s lead to 21-15 with 6:19 left to play. #ArmyNavy

Dietzel opts for an on-sides kick and Stichweh comes up with the ball at the Navy 49 with 6:13 left to play. #ArmyNavy

Ray Peske runs for 12 yards and a first down to move the ball to the Navy 33. #ArmyNavy

The crowd, once solemn, is on its feet, 102,000 strong. #ArmyNavy

The players are having trouble hearing the play calls. #ArmyNavy

Later, players recalled the noise level. #ArmyNavy

Waldrop runs for three yards on first down. #ArmyNavy

Peske follows the right tackle for a 12-yard gain. Ball is at the Navy 33. #ArmyNavy

Stichweh gains five yards around the right end. Army at the Navy 25. #ArmyNavy

Peske gains a first down. 3:22 left and Army is at the Navy 22. #ArmyNavy

Stichweh dropped for a one-yard loss. #ArmyNavy

Waldrop gains six. Ball at the Navy 18. #ArmyNavy

Stichweh fires complete to Don Parcells for an 11-yard gain to move the ball to the Navy 7. 1:38 left to play. #ArmyNavy

Parcels runs for two yards. #ArmyNavy

Waldrop picks up a yard to the 4. Under a minute to play. #ArmyNavy

The noise is incredible. #ArmyNavy

Rollie Stichweh has to ask for timeout. #ArmyNavy

For the second time on the drive, Stichweh asks for and is granted a timeout due to the noise. #ArmyNavy

Stichweh later explained asking for a timeout. #ArmyNavy

Waldrop gains two yards to the Navy 2, setting up a fourth-and goal. #ArmyNavy

The crowd is at a fever pitch. Stichweh is trying to get a third officials timeout. #ArmyNavy

It appears the game is over. Navy is celebrating. #ArmyNavy

No timeout was granted and Navy has won. #ArmyNavy

Confusion reigns. #ArmyNavy

Stichweh asked for a timeout but did not receive it. The game has ended. #ArmyNavy

Final Score: Navy 21, Army 15 #ArmyNavy

The fourth quarter play-by-play can be found here. #ArmyNavy

Fifty years later, Stichweh and Lynch recalled the frantic ending. #ArmyNavy

Later, Army coach Dietzel recalled: “It was one of those sweet and sour moments in life.” #ArmyNavy

Dawkins, Army’s Heisman Trophy winner, said years later: “What we were searching for was some reassurance we were going to be OK.” (cont.) #ArmyNavy

More Dawkins, “I believe there was solace in the normalcy of this football game. We were going on and we were going to be OK.“ #ArmyNavy

Thanks for joining us. We are sure we’ll look back at this contest as one of the most historic games in college football history. #ArmyNavy

JFK historian Doug Brinkley on the impact of the game. #ArmyNavy

To watch Marching On: 1963 Army-Navy Remembered, visit to find a showing. #ArmyNavy

Thanks for joining us on this look back to an incredible football game 50 years ago. #ArmyNavy

The 114th Army-Navy Game presented by USAA will take place in Philadelphia Dec. 14. #ArmyNavy

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